Best Gifts for New Moms

Best Gifts for New Moms

When someone you love in your life gives birth to a new bundle of joy, you want to get them the PERFECT gift. But when you think of what to get a new mom, it's actually really difficult. They probably got enough onesies + bottles from the shower. So what do you get a new mom?! We wanted to share our favorite gifts for a new mom or mama-to-be! These gifts will be sure to make her smile! 
1+ Instax Camera + extra film! This is one of those gifts that any new mom would LOVE. Sure, mom probably has a cell phone to take a million pics of her new babe. But, there's something about using a camera that instantly prints out a memory. 

2+ Pacifier Clip + Dainty Bow headband set. Our Loved By Sophia Claire leather braided pacifier clips are sure to become mom's most favorite baby accessory. It was created to simplify the the modern moms’ everyday life. Perfect for babies on the go and to keep your baby's pacifier or toy from endlessly falling on the floor. And the matching dainty bow headband is perfect if mom just had a baby girl! These bows are super gentle and go with every outfit! 
3+ Amazon Prime Membership. A new mom doesn't want to leave their house with their brand new baby. An Amazon Prime membership will allow them to stock up on anything they need with FREE TWO-DAY shipping. Every mom needs this. 
4+ Baby Milestone Book. We love this one from Polka Dot Print Shop. A new mom would love this book to record all the precious moments of baby's first year. And with that new Instax Camera, she can easily put all her photos in a safe spot! 
5+ Mommy shirt! A new mom needs a new uniform. The best outfit for a new mommy is a comfy tee-shirt. We love this one from Sweetees, and we know any mom would, too! 
We hope you loved these gift ideas for a new mom! New moms are so tired, but they deserve an awesome gift! 


  • Jordan H. – You won a $10 shop credit!!!

    Heather – You won a $10 shop credit!!!

    Elisabeth – You won a $10 shop credit!!!

    Loved By Sophia Claire on

  • All of these would be awesome, for our twin girls

    Mary McElroy on

  • These are all so cute!!! I would definitely love all these :)

    Brenda Cervantes on

  • Love them all. Especially the camera and notebook!

    Gina Tompkins on

  • Love all of these ideas and will use them for future baby gifts!! I’m ordering that T-shirt now!

    Betina Post on

  • An Amazon Prime membership would be the best! I wish I had thought of that when my sister had her last little one! You also can’t have too many pacifier clips!! Love your ideas and your products!!!

    Kassidy on

  • As a new mama myself I can definitely say Amazon Prime has saved me and it would be the most perfect gift for a sweet mama friend! I have also found myself wanting a camera so I can print out actual pictures of my baby and keep them somewhere special so we can look through them one day. All of these are so perfect!

    Jordan H on

  • I have heard so many great things about the Instax Camera ~ have been looking into getting one and the kit that it has. Your list is spot-on ~ happy motherhood :-)

    Michelle Catallo on

  • A week of meals that include school lunch items for older siblings and the offer of driving carpool for a couple of weeks! or giving homemade frozen suppers to use at the new mom’s convenience!

    Sarah on

  • I am a big fan of Amazon Prime. I like being able to get items within 2 days and it is a great gift for moms.

    Latanya on

  • I canceled my Amazon Prime membership for a little while and hated it! I now have Amazon prime again so I’m happy again. Just ordered the next size sleep sack because my lo grows so fast!

    Katie Wanbaugh on

  • I would LOVE one of those cameras, they are so neat! That baby book also looks so cute! I’m looking for one for my second babe, I’m not sure what I want this time around. The one I had with my first was a little overwhelming.

    Elizabeth on

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