How to Organize Your Bows and Accessories

It's very easy to build up a Loved by Sophia Claire collection! We sell dainty bow headbands, leather clips, pacifier clips and pacifiers. These accessories can easily start taking over your baby's room, bathroom, and house! We get a lot of questions and advice on organizing your Loved By Sophia Claire collection. So here we are with a fabulous idea! We've partnered up with a gorgeous shop called The Painted Plank to create an easy way to organize all of your accessories in the cutest way! 

The Painted Plank makes bow organizers that fit so well with your home decor. It truly makes displaying your Loved By Sophia Claire bows and accessories SO EASY + STYLISH. 

 Our dainty suede bow headbands fit perfectly on the bar that goes across the bottom of the organizer. It's so easy to see the colors you have and choose one for the day! The fabric on the main part of the Painted Plank organizer is so perfect for our Leather clips- chubby or mini! I love how easy it is to keep the pigtail clips together, so you never lose one! 

Another great thing you can do when organizing your accessories, is clip on one of your pacifier clips right to the organizer. You'll never have to look for your baby's pacifier again! I call that a win! Keep other pacifier clip colors clipped on to easily match your baby's outfit in a snap. 

Great news for you! We've teamed up with The Painted Plank to give our loyal Loved By Sophia Claire a 10% discount on any organizer. Use code: LOVEDPAINTED over at The Painted Plank.

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April 14, 2017 by Loved By Sophia Claire



Kathryn said:

This is such a great idea! I will be doing this in the baby room shortly! :)

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